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Contact our Catering Sales Manager at 915-534-0609 to begin your planning with our Catering Staff.

About Us

Savor El Paso Catering is a company built on a national reputation for superior food and beverage service. We bring much more to the table than just great food. Whether its lunch, dinner, a reception, or just a coffee break, our catering team will create a menu to meet your needs, specific dietary requests and budget.

Our Catering sales manager will be happy to help you arrange those details that can make your event stand out from others. We will help insure a successful event for you and your guests. Whether your group size is 10 to 5000 people we are there to serve your needs.

We specialize in the following:

  • Specialty Linen, China & Sterling Silver Service
  • Specialty and Theme Décor
  • Custom Menu Design with Gourmet Specialties & Wine Pairing
  • Craft a Personalized Food Court or Concessions
  • Assemble Custom Box Lunches
  • Professional Service Staff
  • Traditional, Ethnic, and Regional Fare Food and Beverages

Policies and Procedures

Food and Beverage

The Judson F. Williams Convention Center maintains the exclusive right to provide all food and beverages for the Facilities. No food or beverages may be brought into the Facilities by the Permittee or any of the Permittee’s guests.
A signed Catering Event Order must be on file in the Catering Sales Office 10 days prior to the event date, otherwise items cannot be guaranteed. Due to SAVOR…El Paso, Catering by SMG’s insurance regulations, no leftover food or beverages shall be taken from the premises. SAVOR…El Paso, Catering by SMG donates leftover food to local charities and community shelters. Clients may receive a receipt of donation from these organizations upon request.

Alcoholic Beverages

No alcoholic beverages shall be brought into the Facilities for sampling or consumption, except as noted below.

Guests must be able to show proper picture identification, upon request, when ordering or consuming alcoholic beverages. Any guest that appears under 30 years of age must be able to show proof of birth date.

SAVOR…El Paso, Catering by SMG will comply with all alcoholic beverage control laws throughout the Meeting Dates. Further, all alcoholic beverages sold or served under SAVOR…El Paso, Catering by SMG’s liquor license will only be dispensed by SAVOR…El Paso, Catering by SMG’s employees, bartender or agents. SAVOR…El Paso, Catering by SMG warrants that all employees and agents, regardless of their employee job designation, dispensing alcoholic beverages to any person have undergone adequate training to avoid incidents, which could result in claims of liquor liability.

Sampling and Serving of Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Beverage services throughout the Facilities for events including concessions, the sale of alcohol as well as non-alcoholic beverages, as well as to provide, control and retain any revenues thereof.

The exclusive rights may be waived in the case of trade shows or conventions that are of a food and/or beverage nature and are not open to the general public.

Exhibitors may exhibit only merchandise, which they normally serve or produce in the ordinary course of their business and may only distribute such quantities that are reasonable in regard to the purpose of promoting the merchandise. Food service exhibitors may distribute food samplings in the contracted areas only and must not compete with food and beverage services offered for sale by the Catering Department or in Concession operations.

Free samples are limited to 3 ounces of liquid (non-alcoholic) and a 1-ounce food portion. In order to avoid any misunderstanding, exact descriptions of sample and portion size must be submitted to the Catering Sales Office, prior to the opening of the event, for written approval. Exhibitors or Show Managers are not permitted to bring food, beverages and/or alcoholic beverages for use in the hospitality or backstage areas.

Any exceptions to the above require a minimum of 2 months prior written approval. If an Exhibitor requires food to be cooked or heated at one of their exhibits, they must contact the Catering Sales Office for arrangements. No person is to use the kitchen or any of the Service areas without direct approval and involvement of the Catering Sales Office at the Judson F. Williams Convention Center.

Any exhibitors giving away and/or selling food and beverage products must have a permit, and have paid all appropriate fees on file with the Local County Health Department. Exhibitors are fully responsible for any and all liabilities that may result from consumption of their products. SAVOR…El Paso, Catering by SMG , SMG, the City of El Paso, and the Judson F. Williams Convention and Performing Arts Center do not assume any liability that may result from such consumption of these food and beverage products.

Menu Selection

To ensure the availability of menu items, please provide your choice to the Catering Sales Office 4 weeks prior to the scheduled event. Our menus are offered as suggestions; your Catering Representative will be more than happy to create specialty menus to suit your particular event.
When requesting a split entree selection, the higher price will prevail. We will select the same side items for both entrees. If a split menu is chosen, it is the responsibility of the event planner to provide the attending guests with menu selection tickets. Split menus will not apply for groups of 1000 or higher in attendance.


SAVOR…El Paso, Catering by SMG must be notified of the exact number of guests at least 72 business hours prior to the function. This will be considered the guarantee for which the Customer will be charged even if fewer guests attend. For functions of 1,200 and above the guarantee is due at least 120 business hours prior to your function. SAVOR…El Paso, Catering by SMG will be prepared to serve 5% above the guarantee to a maximum of 30 persons. If the guarantee is not provided at the required time, the expected attendance specified on the Banquet Event Order will be used as the guarantee. Any additions after the guarantee is provided may be subject to an additional 25% fee.


SAVOR…El Paso, Catering by SMG will lock-in prices up to (90) days in advance of the event upon receipt of signed contract, banquet event order/s and required deposit. Due to fluctuating market prices, function quotations will be subject to change until the event is locked-in by receipt of signed contract, banquet event order/s and required deposit.
Customer agrees to pay any and all service charges, federal, state, local or other taxes imposed on or applicable to the event or this Agreement. If Customer is a tax-exempt organization, copies of State and/or City exemption certificates must be received with the signed contract, banquet event orders, and required deposit. If copies of exemption certificate are not received by SAVOR…El Paso, Catering by SMG as indicated, all otherwise applicable sales taxes will be assessed and charged to the Customer.

Cancellation Policy

A charge will be assessed for cancellation of contracted services within 15 days of the event. The charge will be calculated to cover material and labor costs (including administrative) incurred or by SAVOR…EL Paso, Catering by SMG as a result of the anticipated event as well as the foregone profit margin associated with the canceled event should the date not be rebooked by another customer. Any event canceled within seventy-two (72) hours prior to the event-required payment in full for the estimated revenue based on the menu and event arrangements.

Water Service

During meetings, the Catering Department upon request may provide the speaker’s lectern and head table with complimentary ice water service. Group Water Service is also available at a fee; speak with your catering representative.

Service and Labor Charges

All menu prices are subject to applicable service charge and sales tax. If bar sales do not exceed $350.00 per bar in a 4 hour period, a bartender fee of $35.00 plus applicable sales tax per bar will apply to each 4 hour period this minimum is not met. If a cash food operation is requested and sales do not exceed a minimum of $400.00 per meal period (4 hours), a minimum labor charge of $ 75.00 per meal period will apply, plus applicable sales tax, based on staffing requirements. If catered events do not exceed $150.00 per 4-hour period, a fee of $25.00 will apply to each period this minimum is not met.

While on the premises during your event, any significant changes with food and beverage, or the prearranged set up of these events, can be subject to additional charges that will be determined and agreed upon at the time of the requested change.

An additional labor fee will be assessed to the customer for all events scheduled on or requiring preparatory set-up on the following holidays. New Year’s Eve, Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Day. The labor fee will be calculated as 60% of the sum of all direct labor associated with the customer’s event/s as supported by SAVOR…El Paso, Catering by SMG’s payroll records.

A charge may be assessed to the customer if the event’s actual start or finish times deviate on the day of the scheduled event in excess of 30 minutes from the agreed upon parameters specified in the banquet event order. The charge will be based on actual labor costs incurred for the period of time that the event was delayed or extended and supported by SAVOR…El Paso; Catering by SMG’s staffing records.


A deposit of 75% of the total contract value will be required a minimum of 30 days in advance of the first function. The final 25% remaining balance due shall be paid in full 72 business hours prior to the start of the function. A completed credit card authorization form must be provided by the Customer as a guarantee of payment for services rendered. A photocopy of the front and back of the credit card must also be included for verification. Master Card, VISA and American Express are gladly accepted for total charges up to ten thousand ($10,000) dollars. Credit Card Charges over ten thousand dollars can only be processed with American Express. A 3% service charge will be assessed to the actual charged amounts on American Express over $10,000. A statement describing the charges made and services rendered must be signed by the responsible person (representative or agent of the Customer) attending the function on the day of the function. Final payment for event charges in addition to those estimated on the contract must be paid at the conclusion of the event by a company, certified or cashiers check or will be assessed to the credit card used to authorize the event.

At the conclusion of the event any final balance due shall be paid to SAVOR…El Paso, Catering by SMG no later than ten (10) working business days after receipt of the invoice. In the event the balance owing to SAVOR…El Paso, Catering by SMG under this contract is not paid within the aforementioned time frame, SAVOR…El Paso, Catering by SMG may apply any final balance due to the credit card used to guarantee payment. Any such balance shall accrue interest at the rate of one and one-half (1- 1/2%) per month. The Customer is responsible for all attorneys’ fees and court costs incurred to collect delinquent accounts.


The parties agrees to protect, indemnify, defend and hold harmless each other, SAVOR…EL Paso, Catering by SMG, Judson F. Williams Convention Center and City of El Paso and their respective directors, or incurred in connection with any claims, suits, actions or proceeding made or brought against any such party as a result of any negligent acts or omissions of each other or their directors, officers, employees, agents or invitees.

Exhibit material, samples, prizes, equipment, computer hardware, software, telecommunication devices, and other items belonging to the Customer are placed on the premises at the owner’s risk. SAVOR…El Paso, Catering by SMG will not be responsible should any damages occur to customer’s property from products, equipment, and services provided by SAVOR…El Paso, Catering by SMG.